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I Wanna Be Barbie...

That Bitch Has Everything


I get most of my icons from __iiicons

adam brody, alanis morisette, alternative music, arden b, armani exchange, ashlee simpson, ashley olsen, baths, bcbg, beaches, being blonde, being tan, being thin, being unique, being warm, being with friends, benjamen mackensie, big fish, blue crush, books, boys, burberry, buying things, california, candles, candy, celebrities, chanel, chihuahuahs, chloe, chris carmack, clive owen, clothes, cross country skiing, dancing, diamonds, dior, dogs, doing god's will, dresses, e!, elle, europe, family, fashion shows, fasion, flamingos, forever 21, friends, fur, garden state, getting my hair highlighted, girly things, gisele bundchen, golf, gucci, guess, guess handbags, guitar, harry potter, having "me" time, having a good time, hawaii, history, hot chocolate, hot guys, hugh dancy, in style, intuition, ipod, jesse mccartney, jessica simpson, jewlery, jonathan rhys meyers, juicy couture, kate bosworth, kitsons, knitting, laptop, laughing, legally blonde, leonardo decaprio, lindsay lohan, lipgloss, lord of the rings, lost, louis vuitton, mac lipglass, magazines, makeup, making people feel better, making people laugh, malti-poos, manicures, mary-kate olsen, mini skirts, mission trips, movies, mtv, music, my pink bathrobe, mysteries, nicky hilton, nicole richie, nordstroms, orlando bloom, painting, palm trees, paris hilton, pedicures, perfume, phantom of the opera, pocket pooches, pop music, purses, reading, reese witherspoon, roberto cavalli, rock music, romeo and juliet, ryan gosling, secondhand lions, shane west, shoes, shopping, singing, slippers, some rap music, sparkly stuff, st tropez, sunglasses, sunless tanner, swimming, taking pictures, the bible, the color baby blue, the color pink, the notebook, the o.c., the simple life, titanic, traveling, us weekly, vanity fair, vogue, volleyball, wakeboarding, world vision (sponsering inocent), writing, wuthering heights